What Wesley Wore – Book Review

What Wesley Wore is a children’s book written by Samuel Langley-Swain and illustrated by Ryan Sonderegger. It draws on the authors own experiences as an outsider to tell the story of Wesley the Weasel.


All the weasels in Westburrow Wood are supposed to follow the rules and fit in. So, imagine their confusion when they meet Wesley a wacky weasel, who is obsessed with clothes. As the other weasels plot and protest against Wesley, readers will be eager to find out what happens, in this heart-warming story about acceptance.

Our thoughts

This book is heart wrenching initially as you follow the journey of Wesley as he is bullied for his choice to wear clothes and daring to be different. He almost gives up and you feel there with him as the story pulls you in, and finally relinquishes to a heart warming ending.

This is an excellent tool to start conversations with children around themes of bullying, acceptance and embracing their unique points.

Alexa is only 2.5yrs old and so won’t have got the real crux of the story but she did love the pictures which are beautifully illustrated and the rhyming style made it easy to read.

This is definitely a book we’ll be revisiting many times and I would highly recommend it to others!

What Wesley Wore is available now from Waterstones!

*We were gifted this copy to review but the opinions are entirely our own.

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