My last 5 purchases for playtime

These are the last 5 items I bought to use in our activities for the little ones!

1. Story Stones

These are hand painted stones used primarily as story telling prompts. They also are great for word recognition, learning new words (disco ball was new to my toddler, is she even related to me?!), creating exciting stories, and lots of other uses. We used a set to learn the butterfly life cycle!

Purchased here

2. Sand art

We bought these sand art sheets for a quick activity. Unfortunately I spent more time trying to peel off the relevant areas for the sand to adhere to and I’m still finding sand now. I think these would be better for maybe 5+ years as my almost 3 year old struggled, although she still had great fun.

Purchased at B&M Bargains

3. Sandwich cutters

I am that mum. Yes the one who bribes her child to eat with sandwiches and fruit shaped like dinosaurs and mickey mouse! This set contained dinosaur, heart, star, Mickey Mouse and some smaller fruit cutters. We’ve used these almost daily and I think they’re great!

Purchased on Amazon

4. Rainbow scarves

These have so many uses! Superhero Cape, princess tutu skirts, making rainbows on the floor, we even put them in a circle to create our dance off space! With 12 of them for under £3.50 these are definitely worth the longer delivery time to have in your play stash!

Purchased on Amazon

5. Bingo Dabbers

Yes you read that right, the special pens the die hard bingoers use are great for playtime! I drew a few line types on some brown paper (cheap activity staple) and let the little one use the dabbers to dot their way along. Great for pre writing skills!

Purchased at B&M Bargains

Most items we buy are cheap and cheerful but have the desired effect of allowing me to have a hot cup of tea or dare I say it, the holy grail, a pee alone!

Have you bought anything recently that’s helped entertain your little monsters? Let me know in the comments 😁

Amy x

2 thoughts on “My last 5 purchases for playtime

  1. Some really great ideas here! I used to work part time in a bingo hall whilst I was at uni, I never thought about the dabbers being used for anything else!!! And I love the story stones, there are so many ways to use them, and they’re decorative too!


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