Expressing with Lansinoh Combi Pump

I am no stranger to expressing, I exclusively expressed breastmilk for Alexa for 18 months. However, this time round Eden feeds like a pro and expressing is something I’m only doing to prep incase of a rare child free day/night, or to have in the freezer for any emergencies.

Compact Single Electric Pump

I used the Electric Pump last week for the first time at 18 weeks post partum, it’s not recommended to pump in the first 6 weeks till your supply regulates.

I was shocked to get almost 5oz in 9 minutes from the single electric pump from one breast. I thought due to how small and compact it was that it couldn’t possibly be as efficient as my old heavy duty Spectra but it was that and more.

It has 5 different suction levels to find the right one for you, and the two phase function mimics the let down stimulating sucks and then the slower deeper expressing phase in order to get the most from your session.

Its so lightweight and has very few parts, to make cleaning easier, that I think this would be fab for the overnight bag if you’re getting away or days out. I’ve been using mine once every morning during the babies nap and with it taking less than 10 minutes I’m loving how easily I’ve started to build a ‘stash’.

It also comes with a lid for the bottle you’ve expressed into and a bottle teat and lid. Meaning you can feed or store straight from the bottle you’ve expressed into. I have a complete bottle refusing baby so I can’t comment on the teat/bottle but I think it’s great they’ve included this.

Breastmilk Collector

The collector uses natural suction to attach to your breast and collects the milk that would normally be wasted when you’re feeding/expressing off the other side. If you think how many times you’ve soaked your top or how much is absorbed into a breast pad you can see why this type of ‘pumping’ has become so popular.

It is made out of food grade silicone (careful of some of the cheap copies, they aren’t food safe silicone!) and is perfect for all breasts sizes.

Cleverly the collector comes with a lid and also a lanyard to hang it round your neck. If it happened to come off through a baby kicking etc it’s not going to fall to the floor and cause split milk hysteria šŸ˜‚ It also has a suction base so you can safely stick it to the table beside you etc till you’re ready to transfer it.

I was able to collect small amounts that would normally have ended up in my top and I think this is great for those of you who don’t want to ‘pump’ etc to build up a stash you probably didn’t even realise you could have!


I would highly recommend this set to any mother. It is effective and efficient and well worth the money. It is very versatile with the two different styles of pump being able to be used independently of each other or together. Perfect for home use or in my opinion an excellent option for taking away with you on days out, nights away, to weddings etc. It would also make a great baby shower gift!

The set is available exclusively at Boots UK and you can purchase here


I was sent these items in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own

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